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[OFFICIAL] The Official Rules of The Webkinz World - Updated 12/25/13!

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[OFFICIAL] The Official Rules of The Webkinz World - Updated 12/25/13! Empty [OFFICIAL] The Official Rules of The Webkinz World - Updated 12/25/13!

Post by Bandycoot01 on Mon Nov 05, 2012 9:19 pm

These are the official Rules of TWW. Please follow all the rules, or there will be consequences.

Absolutely Not's
- Sharing personal info such as last name, city, school, etc.
- No pictures of friends or family. We allow pictures of celebrities, though.
- Spacing or starring out words to get past a censor (Yes, I do have a few words censored, Just in case)
- Sharing or posting Pornographic material
- No Racism!
- No threats to members or staff.
- No swearing, cussing, cursing, or whatever you'd like to call it. It's the same thing, and we don't tolerate it.
- Harassment
- Making another account after being banned
- Advertising. This is a big no-no on TWW. You will be banned if you are caught advertising, even if it's just an advertisement for a harmless new product at the grocery store or something like that.

- Discussing other sites - You may discuss other sites, but absolutely no talk about other Forumotion sites.


- Creating a duplicate thread (We advise against it. Duplicate threads by the same member will be deleted, unless the first copy of the thread was previously closed by a mod or admin.)
- Using Text talk - We'd like all members to understand your language, please! (We do allow "LOL, BRB, GTG, etc;)
- Posting entirely in caps - It makes the post seem like you're yelling at people, and, I'll admit it, it gets very annoying.
- Typing in ANY shade of Red or Blue ink - Those are reserved for mods and admins.
- Anonymous Sources - If you copy and paste an article, or any piece of information on a site, please include a link to the source you got it from.

If you don't follow one of the "Absolutely Not" rules, the consequences will be:
- Temporary ban (Days will vary)
- Full ban

- Removal from TWW staff (if applicable)

If you don't follow one of the "Guidelines", the consequences will be:
- Warning from a mod or admin (Depending on what you did, there might be an edit in your post)
- If you continue to ignore the Guidelines, you could be temporarily banned.

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